Early Earth Oxygen Levels

It is necessary for believers in deep time and universal common descent to let the imaginations jump the corral fence and run wild. Then they come up with some stories that are...truly bizarre. Take a look at chemical evolution.

Papa Darwin told Joseph Hooker that he envisioned life originating in a "warm little pond". As evolutionary mythology progressed, scientists realized that while oxygen is necessary for life, it also would destroy abiogenesis. So, they dreamed up a world that had little to no oxygen. The evidence for this exists through inferences and assumptions.

For abiogenesis ideas, evolutionists have to imagine a different earth in the distant past. Their false stories are conflicting with newer fantasies.
Catskill Mountains near Ashokan Reservoir — photo by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Things get worse for secularists because their foundation is fundamentally flawed, so it should be no surprise that earlier evidence for a low-oxygen Earth have been challenged by more recent studies. All of these exercises in conjecture are contradictory, but it's still more important to maintain naturalism and give Darwin billions of years to work his magic. Can't be admitting that the earth was created recently and that God exists, nosiree!
“Lack of oxygen did not hold back evolution of complex life” was the bold announcement in the scientific news media on January 26, 2016. An opportunity is never lost by the secular media to trumpet as supposed fact the latest scientific findings that so confidently promote the secular, naturalistic, evolutionary worldview of life’s history in a uniformitarian framework and timescale for earth’s history.

This time it was all about the earth’s early atmosphere supposedly being devoid of enough oxygen to fuel the later-claimed evolution of “complex” animals from earlier “simple” life. So what was really found? Does it really show the earth’s early atmosphere was devoid of oxygen? . . . 
To answer these questions, we first need to review the evolutionary-uniformitarian “story” about the earth’s history and the claimed naturalistic development of life on earth to understand what secular scientists believe about how the atmosphere gained its present oxygen content.

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