Someone Made Art on the Wings of Fruit Flies!

There are various organisms with some rather startling designs — which look like other creatures. One even resembles certain crab shell. Although some can be written off as pareidolia (an example is the lady on Mars). Sometimes, people see what they want (or are influenced) to see, but other times, images are surprising.

Tephritidae fruit flies (a less common family) have patterned wings, but when Dr. Brigitte Howarth was examining one of these under a microscope, she thought the insect had been infested with ants. They were that real, and people may be suspicious of pictures, thinking that they had been digitally altered.

When a researcher examined a picture-wing fly under the microscope, she called the images evolutionary art. That is absurd, and questions are raised.
The phenomenon was called "evolutionary art", which is silly from the get-go. Art needs an artist. Evolution is not a person that can select or cause art, and is supposed to be purposeless. So how did the extremely detailed patterns get there, and why doesn't the entire family have them?

Misotheists and other Darwinists may claim that it was natural selection (the Creator is not allowed because reasons and stuff), but they need to show how it arose without using "perhaps" and other vague words. The most rational answer is that God is the artist. As to whether the designs were there from the beginning or are the result of preprogrammed information that switched on later...
In recent years, tiny flies with picturrightes [I think that word is a typo. -CBB] on their wings have excited and intrigued scientists and lay people alike. “Surely those aren’t real?” people ask, aware of the need for a healthy dose of skepticism in this age of sensational claims. On first viewing, some wonder aloud whether the images have been photo-shopped1 by a talented graphic artist.

. . . 
The National (UAE) reported, “… a closer examination of the transparent wings of Goniurellia tridens reveals a piece of evolutionary art. Each wing carries a precisely detailed image of an ant-like insect, complete with six legs, two antennae, a head, thorax and tapered abdomen [my emphasis].” One might add to this an eye, a visibly darker area of the head. Furthermore, Dr Howarth was reported as exclaiming, “The image on the wing is absolutely perfect.”

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