Dragon Man and other Human Evolution Follies

Just a few days ago, Cliff Swallows (assistant foreman to Rusty Swingset at the Darwin Ranch) was in town, and he commenced to sharing how the ranch hands were mighty confused about some recent findings that apply to human evolution.

Although your run-of-the-mill believer in universal common descent thinks this is an established fact, that is not the shape of things in the secular science industry. In fact, knowledgeable and honest paleoanthropologists will admit it. Recent announcement about skulls require the rewriting of the evolutionary story. Again.

There is a great deal of confusion in the evolution industry about two skulls and how they relate to humans. The evolution story gets rewritten again.
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What's up with the skull found in Israel? It's claimed to be an ancestor of Neanderthals because of how they interpret data based on deep time and naturalistic presuppositions. This "ancestor", based on very little information, lived and interacted with modern humans. Also, the skull size is within the variability range of humans. Part of the narrative defies human nature in that humans did nothing for thousands of years, then in a short span of Darwin years, we are suddenly sending space probes to Pluto.
‘This is a brief alert to notify you that everything you know is wrong.’

Suppose you heard this over loudspeakers once or twice a year, or even every few months. There is one thing you would know for sure: you are trying to get a degree in human evolution at any major secular university.

CEH has joked about this for two decades . . . and there is no sign of it slowing down. We will briefly comment on the latest flap in the media over a skull found in Israel that nobody knows quite what to do with.

To read the rest of this Darwinist-embarrassing article, see "Human Evolution Story Messed Up Again". Come back to read about Dragon Man.

You might think that Dragon Man is a character in a spy movie, or mayhaps a circus performer. Well, that's not far off, as this skull is causing consternation in Papa Darwin's Flying Circus. Once again, we have a skull that was discovered in West Taiwan. (It was supposedly discovered in 1933 and got tucked away until it was relocated and analyzed in 2018.) The analysis is what's new.

Yes, it's much ado about a single skull. A passel of useful information as to its origins is missing. Scientists are uncertain about the date of the skull, especially since radiometric dating methods have very different results — which is typical. They are also trying to work with DNA. With the evolution story so shambolic, and how this thing looks fully human, good luck with those things. Again, these jaspers need to cowboy up and admit that the evolution narrative fails to have compelling and consistent evidence because we were created, not evolved.

No sooner had our 26 June 2021 article hit the internet when another bombshell discovery was announced: the Dragon Man from China. If everything you know was wrong then, everything you know is wronger now. As usual, the news media went ape over the news, but they don’t know this time whether to be excited or confused. This big skull, found in 1933, donated to a museum in 2018, and announced Saturday after scientists had a chance to look at it. There is no record of where it was found (a key piece of evidence). Is it related to Neanderthals? Is it a Denisovan male? Is it something else? The papers announcing it call it “Homo longi” but some scientists are unhappy about giving it a new name prematurely.

This is also good stuff and worth your attention. To read the rest, head on over to "Skull Duggery: Dragon Man Cannot Rescue Human Evolution", and you may be interested in a short article, "About That New “Dragon Man” Fossil…" ADDENDUM: About a month after this was published, another article was released. This provides more useful information, so in the interest of thoroughness, here is "Dragon Man, the Newest Human 'Cousin'?"