Stupid Astrobiology Tricks: Life on Enceladus?

Every once in a while, something so outrageous comes across the news feed and I want to cry out, "Who pays these jaspers?" But we already know the answer, because they are paid from grants and the secular science industry — much of this is our tax grotzits at work. Consider bioastrology — I mean, astrobiology.

Perhaps this child is not right in the head, but it seems that a field of science needs something to study. Atheists and evolutionists have no evidence for their invisible friends (a position held by blind faith), but they take their pseudoscience seriously. Once again, there are unfounded speculations of life on Enceladus.

In their efforts to promote atheistic naturalism and the existence of their invisible space friends, astrobiologists make more unfounded speculations.
Enceladus image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/PSI
Those plumes of methane may be signs of life in hydrothermal vents under a huge ice crust. While there are thermophiles (organisms that live in hot temperatures) on Earth, there is no reason to think they formed out yonder.

Bioastrologers — there I go again, I mean astrobiologists — are ignoring science and reason (as well as evidence that Saturn and the rest of the solar system is young) in order to promote atheistic naturalism. A lot of work and money wasted to deny the work of the Creator.
To astrobiologists, cells are just emergent collections of matter. The difficulty of getting them to emerge escapes their notice. 

Planetary scientists revealed their bad habit of hydrobioscopy again this week. They reasoned, Saturn’s little moon Enceladus has water; it has methane; it could have life! Why is that their focus? Why are they ignoring the implications of youth for this little moon? Why do they picture life as something that just happens where water is found?

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