Dinosaurs and Biblical Creation

Just the other day we saw a trio of articles about Tyrannosaurus rex. There has also been a spate of other articles about dinosaur bone discoveries, and the "Katie, bar the door!" bad news for deep time proponents: DNA and soft tissues.

Regular readers have probably noticed that not only is there a variety of subjects covered on this weblog, but the difficulty level varies. After all, different people are reading these things. The article featured below is rather easy and covers some basics of biblical creation views on dinosaurs.

There has been a spate of information about dinosaurs, many are technical. Here is a basic overview of biblical creation science views on dinosaurs.
Credits: Derivative on Pixabay by Andrew Martin, then modified at BigHugeLabs
Because we're biblical creationists, we are real freethinkers and believe that dinosaurs and humans lived together for a while. There are descriptions of critters that seem an awful lot like them in the Bible, such as behemoth and leviathan. (I added those for people who may be interested.) The biblical view is very different from the old-earth evolutionary view.

A Florida woman recently received national attention when she suggested (somewhat in jest) that a long-tailed creature captured in early morning home security footage looked like a dinosaur. The story reminds us that people are fascinated by these creatures. Deep down, many of us would love to see a living dinosaur—from a safe distance, of course!—and not just its fossilized skeletal remains. That dinosaurs fascinate us should not surprise us since God no doubt created these powerful animals to impress us with His power and might.

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