Platypus Genome Refutes Evolutionary Ideas

Frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), I was going to pass this one by. Several reports were released a few months earlier. The article below caused me to reconsider, and it has information that I had not seen before.

Darwin's Cheerleaders have long been troubled by this critter for over 200 years, and Ministry of Truth division of the secular science industry has been blowing smoke for a mighty long time. No, something that cannot be explained in  a naturalistic worldview does not help them learn about evolution. Savvy?

The Ministry of Truth division of the secular science industry is blowing smoke, saying the platypus genome supports Darwinism. They refute themselves.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Klaus (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We have seen many times that when evolutionists encounter recalcitrant data, they often claim that the news is "exciting". Then they proceed to change dates because something "happened earlier than expected", and pull other shenanigans to attempt damage control for the narrative. Especially storytelling and presenting unfounded conjectures as facts. It's who they are and what they do, and they get away with it — and get paid — because people are generally not adept with critical thinking skills.

 "Convergent evolution" is a cheap source of smoke to blow in front of the audience because it sounds all sciency and stuff, but it is worthless.

Did you know that the platypus does not have a stomach? It evolved away (no evidence again, just storytelling and guesses based on conjecture). What struck me about this is that humans were declared to have "vestigial organs" (or "structures") as remnants of our supposed evolutionary past (the Ministry of Truth conveniently redefined the term!), yet there is no "vestigial" stomach. Just a thought.

The genome study did nothing to support evolution. Instead, it actually refuted some evolutionary views. Also, try as they might, the Minitruth can try to put an evolutionary spin on the platypus, but the fossils still say, "Not hardly, pilgrim" — and an evolutionist essentially agrees.

Much is promised in the article reviewed here, but in the end little is delivered. The Darwinism-based article claims, “despite their oddities, their newly sequenced [platypus] genome illuminates the evolution of mammals.” Actually, the newly sequenced genome does nothing of the kind. If anything, it creates problems for evolution. The study, published in the esteemed journal Nature, is titled, “Platypus and echidna genomes reveal mammalian biology and evolution.” The word evolution was used 65 times in the article. Most of the usage reveals that the evolutionary conclusions are mere speculation. For example:

To read the rest and see how the platypus is not only a problem for evolution, but is an affirmation of creation, see "Platypus Origins: The Mystery Deepens". Alternate link here.