Triassic Troubles and the Genesis Flood

Continuing the series on geological formations (the previous installment was "Permian Problems and the Genesis Flood"), we are seeing the uniformitarian storyline about life forms becoming increasingly complex is not supported by observed evidence. The Triassic is no friend of naturalistic beliefs

There are assumed mass extinctions in the fossils, yet life forms are found that carry on just fine. The timing of these raises questions as well, such as why land extinctions are more spread out than that of marine organisms. Other creatures (including some interesting dinosaurs) appear suddenly in the Triassic and have no evolutionary ancestry.

The story of gradual progress from simple to complex is again refuted in the Triassic. Confused secular stories are remedied by Genesis Flood models.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nobumichi Tamura (I like his work) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The Triassic shows how the ancient continent called Pangea began to break up. This shows in the Newark Supergroup (no, not Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons). Roving gangs of dinosaurs stole vehicles, robbed shops —

"You're making that up, Cowboy Bob!"

I was distracted and thinking about modern Newark. But the continent did break up, and the Newark Supergroup testifies against uniformitarianism. Indeed, secularists claim that it was not a marine formation, but ripple marks, raindrops, and other features belie that claim. Once again, the confusion of uniformitarian and evolutionary beliefs is remedied by Genesis Flood models and the fact of recent creation.

The Triassic system of the geologic column is an enigma to evolutionists because it represents both a continuance of many life forms found buried in lower strata combined with an alleged and unexplained recovery from a convoluted mass extinction. In addition, many unique life forms make mysterious sudden appearances in the Triassic without any previous evolutionary ancestry. And this massive convoluted fossil assemblage is also accompanied by signs of the initial breakup of a once-existent mega-continent.

However, the evolutionary confusion over this curious quandary of catastrophically buried fossils and tectonic teasers makes perfect sense when we apply a model of progressive burial by ecological zonation and plate tectonics associated with the global Flood of Genesis.

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