Crater of Diamonds and the Age of the Earth

Down Arkansas way, they have an interesting state park called Crater of Diamonds. Folks might get a mental image of a hole full of sparkling diamonds, but the crater is volcanic, and people commence searching for raw, uncut diamonds. Some find them, too.

Cut diamonds that go onto jewelry are mighty expensive, but you can buy a 15-carat raw diamond for about $400 USD in some places. The park has the usual old-Earth propaganda that satisfies the owners of the Darwin Ranch, but those are dead wrong.

Creationists like diamonds, Darwinists find them hostile to their views. Crater of Diamonds State Park inadvertently testifies for the Genesis Flood.
Digging at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Doug Wertman (CC BY 2.0)
The Bearded Buddha needs deep time so he and his votaries can perform their magick, but the hands at the Darwin Ranch hate diamonds because they friendly to creation science. Not only does Crater of Diamonds State Park unwittingly have evidence that fits a Genesis Flood model, but diamonds themselves were tested and found to be a hostile witness to deep time.
At Crater of Diamonds State Park in western Arkansas, families dig diamonds for fun while more serious sifters seek sensational paydays. Countless brides have wondered where the pretty diamonds on their rings came from. A visit to Crater of Diamonds reminds us of two key research results that refute the old ages assigned to diamonds. These results favor the Bible’s record of a more recent creation and Flood.

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