Krichauff Range and a Call for Research

Up in mountainous areas, someone may look down on a river. How did that get there? Nobody saw it carving its way over millions of Darwin years. Apparently, there is a dearth of research from geologists, despite several explanations based on their assumptions of deep time and uniformitarianism.

These are called water gaps, which actually testify of the Genesis Flood. Selecting an argument for the formation of water gaps can be highly problematic, quite possibly based more on personal preference than compelling evidence.

Two rivers in water gaps in Australia's Kirchauff Range give evidence for the Genesis Flood, but creation scientists need to do more research there.
Finke River / Menphrad / Wikimedia Commons
There are unique features in the Kirchauff Range in Australia, graciously provided by the Finke River and Ellery Creek. These channels travel through several water gaps. They are inadequately explained by deep time concepts, and are better explained by Flood geology. The paper linked below is short but technical, and calls for additional research by creationists so Flood models can be improved.
The term water gap, or transverse drainage, refers to a river that cuts through a mountain range as though it was not there. Although they are often pictured as narrow gorges, they are in essence a pass through a mountain ridge cut by a river and through which a river still flows. Frequently cited examples of such features include the Grand Canyon, Hells Canyon in Oregon, Himalayan rivers such as the Arun River of Nepal, ranges across north and north-east Iraq, and the Finke and Todd Rivers in Northern Territory, Australia. This short paper outlines unusual water gap features in the Krichauff Range in central Australia that need further research.

To read the rest, set sail for "Complex water gap features—Krichauff Range, Northern Territory, Australia".