Why Atheists and Old Earthers Fear the Genesis Flood

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Many times, biblical creationists will post something about the Genesis Flood, then professing atheists get all fired up. Professing Christians who believe in an old Earth (especially theistic evolutionists) often saddle up and with misotheists against creationists. Their antics are vexatious.

Often, self-appointed defenders of materialistic science comment on social(ist) media with personal insults, attacks on God and the Bible, etc. Occasionally they will form a posse comitatus for a trolling raid. Creation science (and especially the Flood) are threats to deep time.

When creationists post material about the Flood, misotheists get all fired up. I am convinced that their hatred of it, and of us, is rooted in fear.
The Man Made Mad by Fear / Gustave Courbet, 1844
We often get remarks that science has refuted the Flood. These owlhoots often find links that supports their preconceptions, post them, and pretend that they are "gotchas" to creation science Flood geology. What is omitted is the speculative nature of uniformitarian geology as well its problems.

Years ago, the Bearded Buddha himself put in an appearance at the Darwin Ranch. He implored them to make things seem old, since he needed millions of years to make evolution seem legitimate. They agreed.

Readers and viewers of biblical creation science material know that uniformitarian geology and paleontology are infested with insurmountable problems. Rescuing devices, no matter how inane, are utilized. Biblical creation science Flood models provide superior explanations for what is observed, causing serious harm to deep time views. Darwin is not happy. Nosiree.

Atheists require the evolution myth as a foundation for their worldview. Notice how a discussion can turn ugly mighty quick when the subject turns to origins. Expressing doubt for evolution can cause the atheist's eyes to dilate, hair to stand up on the back of the neck, teeth bared, and the voice becomes most unpleasant. Well, that's how it seems. Atheism is an incoherent worldview, and evolution helps give it a semblance of rationality.

Creationists are often told, "Give us evidence for this so-called Flood fairy tale and prove your magic man in the sky exists!" First, no. People like that simply are looking to throw down on us and waste our time. Also, misotheists demand evidence, refuse to examine it, then claim that we have none. Many times they say that there is no evidence for the Flood when commenting on a post that presented evidence. These people are well-controlled by their demons.

Not only does Flood geology wreck deep time, but it supports the Bible. The reason for the Flood was judgment against the wickedness in the world. Also, we are told in Scripture that there will be a future Judgment, fully righteous and according to God's unfailing standard. Personal opinions will have no effect.

Many atheopaths are so obstreperous, my own work gets attacked. Sure, they rail against the big names, but I am a nobody that has only a few readers. It helps illustrate how deep their hatred of God runs. Their father the devil is also annoyed so he pulls their strings. Whether creation "celebrities" or individuals, unbelievers fear and hate God in us and the truth we represent.

They don't want to hear about how God is real, even from small players and individuals. Atheists need to humble themselves and repent, making Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. Old earthers also need to repent of compromise as well as giving aid and comfort to enemies of God.

Atheists and old earthers not only hate the Genesis Flood, they fear what it means.