Jurassic Problems for Evolutionists

To hear people tell it, the geologic column shows distinct, orderly layers so the history of the earth is neatly laid out. In those layers, of course, are fossils of dinosaurs and other critters as they progressed from simple to complex. Not happening.

As we continue the series on how geology and fossils are distinctly unhelpful to evolution, the Jurassic layer is fraught with difficulties. Indeed, the Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ cannot provide a coherent message to the faithful.

Despite what some claim, there is no orderly transition of geological layers. The Jurassic is troubling for evolution, but not Genesis Flood geology.
Durdle Door / Jurassic Coast image credit: RGBStock / Florian Engels
The ancient continent Pangea began breaking up in the Triassic (probably due to global climate change), and this continued in the Jurassic. Secular scientists believe in several extinction events, but they have many problems explaining why some creatures did just fine while others joined the choir invisible. As in previous layers, many dinosaurs appeared suddenly, without a hint of evolution.

As we have seen many times before, secularists give the naturalism narrative primary importance, even above truth, logic, and science itself. They need to cowboy up, take off their Darwin spectacles, and see how observed details support creation science Genesis Flood models far better than the gibberish with which they've been working.

The Jurassic system of the geologic column is an enigma to evolutionists because it represents a continuance of many life forms found buried below in Triassic strata, combined with yet another alleged and convoluted mass extinction at the onset. In addition, many unique life forms make mysterious sudden appearances in the Jurassic with no prior evolutionary ancestry.

This massive and enigmatic fossil assemblage is also accompanied by the clear signs of the accelerating breakup of a once-existent mega-continent, Pangaea. However, the evolutionary convolution of this quandary of catastrophically buried fossils and tectonic anomalies makes perfect sense when we apply a model of sequential burial by ecological zonation and rapid plate tectonics interpreted within the global Flood of Genesis.

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