Darwin's Disciples Blowing Smoke on Living Fossils

Descent with modifications evolution is presented in sanitized versions, omitting or even misrepresenting inconvenient facts. Presenting both sides of the equation can get someone virtually horsewhipped, such as in this example.

Sometimes, facts against evolution are glaringly obvious. (Out near the Darwin Ranch on Peach Road lives one of the workers who was driven insane by the truth. He keeps mumbling, then screaming, about living fossils.) Charles Darwin himself admitted that living fossils are one of many problems for his speculations. His acolytes are blowing smoke on the problem.

Darwin himself admitted that living fossils are a problem for evolution. Advocates use rescuing devices and frequently blow smoke to escape problems.
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Presupposing deep time and assigning dates to fossils and rock layers, paleontologists find fossils of various organisms that are essentially unchanged from their living counterparts. They get tagged with the moniker living fossils. There's a passel of them, not just a few here and there.

Since evolution is used to explain everything (logically fatuous, so it actually explains nothing), the irresistible force of evolution is put on hold for allegedly millions of years. That is called stasis, and anyone who knows about nature, evolutionary concepts, and science in general should realize that stasis is a cheap rescuing device.

Some evolutionists are quite imaginative in conjuring up rescuing devices. For example, a critter is found in a layer that is 300 million Darwin years old, disappears for a mighty long time, then is found in more recent rocks. They call those things "ghost lineages" (or taxa, or ranges). This child plugged those terms into his Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ and found: We have no explanation, so we're blowing smoke.

It may be surprising, but common squirrels are also living fossils (I didn't know that when I wrote this post). Others, such as the horseshoe crabs, sponges, and sand dollars are often cited by creationists to show that evolution is not a proven scientific fact or irrevocable law of nature. Living fossils are a small part of the numerous problems with evolution, and show that observed evidence points to our Creator. Biblical creationists have no need to blow smoke to cover up problems; God's Word has no errors.

Darwin concocted the term “living fossil” to account for animals that have not changed for eons of time. In his disarmingly gentle act of fake humility, he appeared to be trying to deal honestly with “difficulties” in his theory. Some have argued, however, that his pre-emptive explanations made the idea of natural selection unfalsifiable. If a bear evolved into a whale, that was natural selection. If another animal showed no change at all, that was natural selection. That’s why we routinely call his vacuous theory the Stuff Happens Law.

You would do well to finish reading the article over at "Living Fossils Disprove Evolution". Also of interest is "Darwinism Stretches Imaginations", which tells how evolution is flexible to evosplain (or wave away) anything, and one of the sections describes "unusual" stasis. You'll thank me later.