Suppression of Thought Despite Darwin

Science is supposed to be about searching for knowledge, which includes forming ideas and testing them to see if they work. The process should thrive on examination and challenges. Unfortunately, the narrative of atheistic naturalism is more important than knowledge.

Many of Darwin's disciples consider evolution a "fact" and "settled science". I am once again asking evolutionists why they need dishonesty, fraud, omission of pertinent data, and outright suppression of contrary views supporting this alleged fact. That is not the true spirit of science.

Modified from an image furnished by Why?Outreach
Charles Darwin knew that his theory had numerous flaws, but didn't want a bunch of sycophants propping up the thing. He wanted challenges and impartial discussion. Of course, he expected to prevail and make our Creator irrelevant despite the lack of evidence supporting his conjectures.

One attempt at putting forward a rational view was shut down as "fake science" by stormtroopers supporting the secular science industry. (Indeed, it is permissible to lie to people in order to gain their unswerving loyalty to the narrative, see "Lack of Morality in Evolution 'Education'" and the video, "Are Dinosaur Proteins Immortal?") Darwin's good examples of dealing with his detractors are streng verboten today. Here is a shocking example.

In April 2019 attorney Herman Bouma was scheduled to give a presentation at the annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The topic, “Darwin’s Response to His Objectors and Its Relevance for Today,” was about how Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species set a good example of engaging one’s scientific critics with civility and reason. In short, his presentation dealt with Darwin’s statement that “I look with confidence to the future,—to young and rising naturalists, who will be able to view both sides of the question with impartiality.” Darwin, in the 6th edition of his On the Origin of Species, responded to almost 40 objections to his theory.

To read the rest, see "The Darwinian Gestapo: Censoring Darwin to Protect Neo-Darwinian Theory".