Beavers and Amazing Engineering

Engineering requires training, the study of accumulated knowledge, and more. It also needs people to pass along their knowledge so others can continue the work, and to develop new systems. The Master Engineer has given many of his creatures engineering skills from birth.

It would be nonsensical to order an engineer to build something but not furnish the proper equipment. Beavers are in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, and are considered a keystone species because of their strong impact on their ecosystems. They have been given skills and equipment to do their work.

Our Creator is the Master Engineer, and he has equipped many creatures with engineering skills and tools. This is amazingly evident in beavers.
Henry J. Johnson, 1880 via Copyright Expired
Beavers build dams, when in turn benefits an ecosystem. (Unfortunately, these big rodent engineers do not consult with the local residents, and can become pests at times.) The world's largest beaver dam is in Canada, and can be seen from space! They make their homes — lodges — comfortable and safe from predators. I read that they are installing satellite dish receivers.

They have been given a great deal of skill, and beavers have been equipped in many amazing ways to do their work, survive, and thrive. A typical Darwinist may be content to simply utter the duncical platitude, "It evolved", but that is a science stopper. Show the world how it allegedly evolved. This doesn't happen, of course. Cowboy up and give due credit to their Creator. After all, that is the logical conclusion.

In drought-plagued California, teams of engineers are restoring wetlands and replenishing depleted aquifers, and they’re doing it dirt cheap. In fact, they’re not interested in money at all. They just want a nice place on the water, and they’re willing to build it themselves. Along the way, they transform the parched landscape into a lakeside resort. Meet the North American beaver, a truly extraordinary animal engineer.

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