Darwinism, the Little Ice Age, and Consensus Science

One area where scientific consensus is lacking is the date range of the Little Ice Age (LIA), some believing it began in the 1300s and ending around 1850. It was not just one long cold period with major glaciation, but several decreases in temperature. The LIA was in North Atlantic regions, and it was devastating for people living in affected regions.

Researchers recently determined the cause of the LIA, and it was not only surprising, but seem contradictory. It appears that the LIA was caused by complicated processes including a warm period.

Frozen Thames painting during the Little Ice Age
The Frozen Thames, Abraham Hondius, 1677 / Wikimedia Commons
As it is with universal common descent evolution, scientists make global climate change analyses and predictions based on insufficient information. In fact, evolutionists and climate alarmists often suppress scientific evidence that is contrary to their narrative. The word hubris comes to mind. As I keep insisting, the true spirit of scientific investigation involves analyzing all relevant data, adapting models, and even abandoning poor hypotheses.

Climate alarmism, like evolution, is based on belief in an ancient earth and a rejection of our Creator. Regular readers have seen where evolutionary scientists have been astonished that observed evidence does not fit their worldview. In addition, climate fearmongering has been happening for many years, but predictions have failed miserably. Different factors affecting climate have been ignored, new ones are being discovered. Dire predictions are not based on sufficient evidence, but some people don't want the conversations to occur so that predictions made will be based on all available evidence.
What if a warming trend in one geophysical regime led to global cooling? Do climate scientists know that is impossible? With today’s announcement that a warming trend led to the infamous Little Ice Age of medieval times, there is new cause for skepticism.

Winter Is Coming: Researchers Uncover the Surprising Cause of the Little Ice Age (University of Massachusetts at Amherst). Latch onto that word “surprising.” This press release, based on a paper in Science Advances, violates the expectation that measured warming always leads to global warming. To call this a paradox is an understatement.

. . . 

It’s complicated. Ocean currents, dust in the air from volcanoes, and sea ice levels get into the mix. But there is no question that up till 1380 A.D., Europe enjoyed a warm climate before abruptly (in 20 years) plunging into a Little Ice Age (LIA) for two centuries. . . .

The authors and their university cannot, of course, risk upsetting an applecart as big as the Global Warming Hysteria constantly pushed by Big Media and Big Science.

To read the article in its entirety (and learn some starting new factors that may be affecting climate), skate over to "Warming Caused Little Ice Age."