Clutches, Brooding, and Fanciful Dinosaur Stories

Today we have to be a bit more specific on words. The first one is clutch. It has nothing to do with vehicles, a rock band, or what Darwinists do with their pearls when learning the truth. Instead, it involves eggs.

Another word is brooding, but it is not what Darwinists are doing while clutching their pearls. This is done by parents with eggs in a clutch for warmth, protection, and other care. Many dinosaur egg clutches were found in the Gobi Desert.

Secular geologists say there were dinosaur egg nests in the Gobi Desert. Stories do not fit the facts. Instead, it is evidence of the Genesis Flood.
Lambeosaurine egg clutch, Flickr / Tim Evanson (CC BY-SA 2.0), modified at PhotoFunia

Were dinosaurs the kind of critters to brood their eggs? Probably, if they were like reptiles, birds, and similar egg-laying critters. Scientists have millions of their eggs to study. Researchers reached conclusions that were...truly bizarre.

One of the most famous sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus is the pet shop and the dead parrot. The customer realized that the Norwegian Blue parrot was dead, and wanted a refund. When the proprietor dodged (it was resting, pining for the fjords, etc.), the customer kept pressuring him. Hilarity ensued.

The evolutionists did their usual shtick of checking their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ and making assertions that had no relevance to the observed evidence. In fact, the facts contradicted their stories. They kept going, reminding this child of the shop owner in the Dead Parrot sketch.

For the most part, there was no actual evidence of nesting. The eggs looked more like they were dropped as the dinosaurs got out of Dodge quick like. Must have been self-preservation. Probably a flood, especially since the evidence is for that situation (some uniformitarian geologists agree). However, the evidence isn't just for a typical flood, but a cataclysm. That would be the Genesis Flood.

You see, scientists like that are married up with deep time materialism, and they can't abide by evidence for the global Flood or recent creation. So they do incomplete, ineffective research and get paid. After all, if the public picks up what they're putting down and belief in fish-to-fool evolution is propagated, well yee haw boy howdy, a job well done! However, some of us demand actual science—and we know the truth.

Uniformitarian scientists often observe features that are difficult to explain in their paradigm. However, they interpret them by adding secondary hypotheses because of their allegiance to uniformitarianism and evolution. They do this without evidence, adding interpretations that go beyond the data. It can be difficult to spot their creative (and fanciful) solutions, especially when we are not privy to all the data. For instance, a recent report of egg clutches found in the Javkhlant Formation in the eastern Gobi Desert of Mongolia.

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