Martian Meteorite Life Fake News Debunked

Back in 1996 while people were listening to their Spice Girls CDs and lining up to watch Independence Day, news was announced about a meteorite that had been discovered in Antarctica that was proof of life on Mars. Darwin's votaries were lighting candles, and the secular press was going hog wild.

As we have discussed before, proponents of atheistic materialism skimp on research. They leave questions unanswered, and their discussions even raise more question. Ignoring many things, they congratulate themselves and collect grant money.  

A meteorite allegedly from Mars and containing signs of Martian life has been shown to have been fake news for 25 years. Bad science and logic abound.
Top view, Antarctic meteorite ALH84001 / NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)

Those owlhoots also tend to use dreadful logic along the lines of:

  1. If evolution were true, we would see evidence of life beyond Earth.
  2. A meteorite that may be from Mars could show signs of microbial life.
  3. Evolution is true.
  4. There is no Creator God. Hail Darwin! Blessed be!
While I haven't seen such an egregious display of affirming the consequent, it is strongly implied in their numerous announcements of evolutionary "discoveries" that make Darwin grin. This meteorite is a prime example of the fallacious reasoning and lousy research.

Secularists were so wound up that they established the pseudoscience of astrobiology. (Last I knew, a science needed something to study, but there are no astros to biologize.) There is good money is speculation and storytelling when it has the evolution imprimatur. Those folks could do something useful with their scientific training and education.

As is so often the case, many questions were raised, including how anyone knows it is from Mars in the first place, how it got here, and more. Further examples of bad science and logic utilized to advance the narrative is that only their speculations can be considered, no alternative explanations need apply.

As it turns out, the so-called organic molecules as well as the shapes in the meteorite came from geological processes. If researchers had been thorough instead of trying to confirm their biases, they wouldn't have to be eating their hats now. All this squandered money, time, resources, education — living a lie for twenty-five years — just to deny the fact that God created the heavens and the earth, and did it recently.

They're still gnawing on that extraterrestrial bone. Although there were no signs of Martian life, evolutionists think there could have been. From there, they built it up and insist that life must exist somewhere else in the universe, therefore evolution.
The field of “Astrobiology” still thrives, even though its foundation has been pulled out from under it. Scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science have concluded, “Martian meteorite’s organic materials origin not biological, formed by geochemical interactions between water and rock.”

. . .

Shortly after this media whirlwind, NASA formed its Astrobiology Institute, and received funding to search for evidence of life beyond the Earth. The new name indicated a shift from an earlier term “exobiology” and also distanced itself from SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Evidence for simple organisms, astrobiologists reasoned, would be sufficient to prove that life could arise naturally, with the presumption unstated that once established, it could evolve all the way up to intelligent aliens wanting to communicate with us (12 Aug 2016). Evidence for microbial life would be the camel’s nose in the tent to bring in all the fruits of naturalistic science.
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