How to Evolve Ichthyosaurs and others into Giants

Some people get on the prod when certain creatures of dinosaur times are referred to as dinosaurs, including ichthyosaurs. Considering that they were reptiles like the land dinosaurs and they were contemporaries, that bit of semantics is petty, Tom. Move on to something more important.

In news about ichthyosaurs, speculations about gigantism came up. Darwinoids "know" they evolved, but have no evidence. Little ichthyosaurs and big ichthyosaurs, both evolved, but no idea what they supposedly evolved from. Assuming evolution to prove evolution is question begging, old son.

In news about ichthyosaurs, speculations about gigantism came up. Evolutionists assume evolution to prove evolution, but they have no evidence.
Gigantism is not adequately explained, which is not surprising since the magical mystery miracle of convergent evolution is invoked as well. It's not just a matter of creatures just getting larger, so evolution stuff happens, something something something dark side natural selection something. No. There are many changes that need to happen, and since evolution is time, chance, random processes, mutations, and lotsa luck, it's absurd to think that so many creatures grew bigger. But hey, Evolution is an entity, and it can solve all the problems, right?

Not hardly! While hand-waving dismissals of requests for evidence instead of assertions may be sufficient to fundamentalist evolutionists, thinking people want evidence to back up the claims. Of course, since evolutionists cannot comply, special creation and a young earth are logical conclusions.
A swimmer as big as a sperm whale— but it was a reptile! How does Darwinism do that? One cannot just say that every part of a creature grew at the same rate. Parts have to fit together to work. Let’s look at news about giant ichthyosaurs [“fish-lizards”] and see how they deal with the question of the origins of gigantism.

There's a wagon train-load of information to consider in the article. To read the rest, see "Giants Are Hard to Evolve." Also of interest is "Paleontologists Dodging Important Ichthyosaur Questions."