Dismantling an Atheist Noah's Ark Meme

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Misotheists have a nasty habit of lying and misrepresenting God, the Bible, creation science, Christians, the Genesis Flood, and Noah's Ark — just to name a few. For the Ark, they may be thinking of the cringeworthy "Bathtub" versions from children's storybooks.

Misotheists also like "memes". In internet usage, they are basically captioned pictures. But atheists are not very good at them because they are irrational and easily dismantled by thinking people. I happened across one that was ridiculing Noah's Ark.

Misotheists are fond of using memes to ridicule the Bible. Here is one about Noah's Ark that is thoroughly misleading and easily refuted with facts.
Noah's Ark at Answers in Genesis, Unsplash / Elias Null
Atheopaths don't want us to argue or debate what we actually believe and teach. Rather, they try to have us defend straw men. Indeed, when debating, taking cheap shots or using logical fallacies makes the accuser lose credibility. An informed, skilled debater goes after the strong points of his opponent's view and allows a reasoned response. This is rare when dealing with atheists.

The text read, "Queen Mary II can carry 4,309 people, but Noah's Ark carried 7.7 million animal species?" Here is a good opportunity to put some of the critical thinking concepts we've been lassoing over the years.

Mockers are in such a rush to misrepresent and ridicule, they don't bother with facts. For example, the Queen Mary II holds 4,309 people? Wrong-o! With a full load of passengers and crew, it holds 3,948 people.

Where do Christians, ministries, or the Bible say that the Ark held 7.7 million species (I wonder if that includes the eight people on board)? We don't have to defend positions we don't hold, old son. According to Genesis, there were only air breathing land animals and birds — in the thousands, taking up only one third of the Ark's available space!

What is the source of that 7.7 million animal species number, anyway? Scientists debate how many there are, what constitutes different species, and so on. A site mentioned three to thirty million species (that's quite a range), but that number included all sorts of critters, even those living in the ocean. The number of mammal species is thought to be 6,557. I'm leaving out mammals of the sea for this discussion of the Ark, of course.

Consider the number of mammals. There are tremendous variations in size. The Etruscan shrew can sit comfortably in your hand, but the hippopotamus you got for Christmas is an entirely different story. Throwing out an arbitrary number of species is deceptive.

A bit of searching shows that atheists are intellectually dishonest, happily confirming their biases with straw man arguments, numbers picked out of the air, and lazily repeating myths. No need to be buffaloed by the intellectual posturing of The Mighty Atheist™. I'll pass along a couple of references that were easily located as well. First, a passel of articles linked at "Noah's Ark Questions and Answers". Also, here is an in-depth article, "How Could All the Animals Fit on the Ark?"