Throwing Stones at Barking Distractions

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Day in and day out, people are bushwhacked by assumptions of minerals-to-manicurist evolution. It is presupposed by the secular science industry, so all their observations are made wearing Darwin spectacles. From there, the obedient lapdog science press, movies, television, science documentaries, friends and neighbors all talk evolution.

Many people are not even aware that creation science exists. Instead of forcing the atheistic naturalism narrative on the observed evidence, biblical creationists seek to honor God and uphold the authority of Scripture.

Some anti-creationists need to be refuted. Since those people show little original thought, the principles can be applied to other barking dogs that attack.
Background image: Unsplash / Angelo Carniato
Creation ministries large and small, as well as individuals, try to make their views known. There's a prairie schooner-full of linked articles available, as well as numerous books, videos, and other materials available. Much of this is free.

Of course, we must contend with angry atheists (because evolution is foundational to atheism) and fundamentalist evolutionists. They seek to suppress our freedom of speech — and freedom of thought. After all, only materialism is allowed to be taught in public indoctrination centers (also known as schools.) What really puts a burr under my saddle is when professing Christians spiritually and intellectually fornicate with atheists for evolution.

Why do professing Christians attack biblical creationists and have joyful fellowship with God's enemies? One suspicion I have is that they seek the approval of the world and want to look smart, and believing evolution gives someone a stamp of intellectual approval.

There are some serious challengers that need to be confronted and refuted, but we can't be doing a variation of Pok√©mon: gotta rebuke 'em all! Taking a lesson from Nehemiah, we have to be about the Lord's work and avoiding distractions. Yes, we can answer questions from evolutionists and unbelievers to remove stumbling blocks, but many times those people like to waste our time.

One variation is that people ask (or demand) that we answer every challenge. Oh, look! Another jasper has made a video or written an article "refuting" young-earth creation. They are old earthers, theistic evolutionists, atheists, or what have you.

Someone was demanding that Creation Ministries International, Answers in Genesis, and I watch and respond to a video by "Inspiring Philosophy" (Michael Jones). Oh, horrors! Can biblical creation science recover from this owlhoot's devastating attack? His comments sounded fearful, and I wonder if his faith is based on evidence that may change tomorrow.

I also wonder why I have several followers that also follow this Jones anti-creationist.

When it comes to these types, there is precious little original thought in the lot. Dr. Sarfati pointed out that his book Refuting Compromise had already refuted the nonsense in the video. (The book was written in 2011. See what I mean about detractors having little original thought?) "Inspiring Philosophy" is most likely to inspire people away from the authority of God's Word. Also, Michael Jones had his clock cleaned at "Top Ten Biblical Problems for Young Earth Creationism—Answered" and some of his nonsense was included in "Other Humans Before Adam & Eve?"

So, I'll pass. Jones' uninspiring philosophies have been dealt with, we see his character and manner of thinking, and Bible-believing Christians can wonder why he won't repent of his rejection of the truth of Scripture. Mayhaps someone should point out to him and other theistic evolutionists why it doesn't bother them that their fan clubs include feral atheists. I have to go and do biblical creationist stuff now. ADDENDUM 22 January 2022: Duane Caldwell decided to take some time, thoroughly eviscerating the logic and showing the dishonesty of the Jones video at "Correcting 'The Origins of Young Earth Creation' Video."