Yet Another Failed Faint Young Sun Paradox Rescue

It is clear that secular scientists are committed to the idea that the earth, the solar system, and even the entire universe are billions of years old. Although most scientists for hundreds of years believed that everything was fairly young, geologist James Hutton proposed an old-earth view, which was expanded upon by lawyer Charles Lyell, who wanted to "free the science from Moses." His agenda was revealed.

Charles Darwin was influenced by Lyell's Principles of Geology while on the voyage of the Beagle, and he incorporated deep time into his speculations on evolution.

Evolution and cosmology have a problem with the Faint Young Sun Paradox. Rescuing devices are...truly bizarre. Here is another failed attempt.
Pixabay / jodylehigh
Many Christians jumped aboard the deep time thing, possibly to look smart and be accepted by atheists. Moving forward and looking upward, cosmologists and cosmogonists got the bit between their teeth and galloped toward expanding deep time ideas to make the entire universe seem ancient.

Of course, there have been many difficulties with the idea of an old earth and solar system in many disciplines of science. Astronomy and planetology have been thwarted by evidence and scientific facts (for instance, absurd notions to explain the rings of Saturn). That brings us to our subject for today: the Faint Young Sun (or Young Faint Sun) Paradox.

Essentially, science does not support the view that the sun is 4.6 billion years old, because reactions in the core would have made it much brighter today in that amount of time. Scientific evidence does not support such a dramatic increase in temperature for such a length of time, and extrapolating backward makes the sun (and Earth) too cold.

Several rescuing devices have been thrown against the wall like plates of spaghetti, and some of them stuck for a while. Then they were cleaned up and something else was thrown. Repeat the process, wasting time and money in efforts to keep cosmic and biological evolution going while denying the truth of recent creation. Some of the proposed solutions were...truly bizarre...and should not have seen the light of day. Now there's another one that self-destructs.
This new solution sort of combines with another issue that biblical creationists have discussed for some time, the tidal evolution of the earth-moon system. The tidal interaction of the earth and moon is well understood and results in the moon spiraling away from the earth. This is not a problem for a young earth and moon, but it is a problem for an earth and moon that are much over a billion years old, because the measurements indicate the earth and moon would have been in contact a little more than a billion years ago. When the moon was much closer to the earth, it would have produced incredibly high tides on the earth. Evolutionists have developed all sorts of ways to get around this problem, but this new solution invokes those exceedingly high lunar tides to have heated the early earth to prevent the earth from being an ice world.

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