Birds and Reptiles Not Related

One of the most common stories told by purveyors of universal common ancestor evolution is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Atheists and other evolutionists pretend that this view, along with many others, is universally supported by secular scientists. That is not the case.

There are mainstream scientists who reject dinosaur-to-bird evolution. The majority view is ridiculous for many reasons, including that dinosaurs and birds co-existed. This should make them pull back on the reins and holler, "Whoa!". Similarly, there are important reasons to reject the dino-to-reptiles view.

The idea that birds and reptiles are related through evolution has many insurmountable problems. Instead, we see the work of the Master Engineer.
Looks like the lizard regrets meeting the egret. Credit: Flickr / Paul Wright (CC BY 2.0)
Numerous complex changes would be necessary. Darwin's disciples evosplain that birds and reptiles are not all that different, but that requires a lack of basic science knowledge and thinking. (They should use the minds they were given and question evolution.) The differences are actually quite complicated, showing how creatures were specifically created by the Master Engineer. Also, there should be innumerable fossils showing the required transitions, but the links are still missing.
According to the evolutionary sequence of events, birds are supposed to have evolved from reptiles. If that had occurred in the past, it would mean that today’s birds such as robins and roadrunners would be distant cousins of reptiles such as cobras and crocodiles.

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