Decolonization and the Destruction of Science

Several instances of how the secular science industry is espousing leftist causes have been examined, and to be blunt, their worldview of atheistic naturalism and the left's Marxist ideology are compatible. Therefore, it should not be surprising to see that things are worsening.

A spell back, we looked at "Wokeness and Canceling Science." By saddling up with the politically correct crowd and "being woke", the secular science industry is destroying itself — and harming many people who are trying to just do science work.

Pixabay / Simona
Leftists are using injustices — real and imagined — to obtain power through manipulation. This involves redefining words. "Woke" in their parlance means that white people are bad, all are automatically racist, so leftists tell people of color they're victims to get them angry. Manipulate them into being useful idiots for Marxist ideology. Tell the big lies and repeat them.

Rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg have net worths of $500 million and $150 million USD, respectively. Not exactly victims.

The woke sidewinders also tie emotionally-provocative meanings onto words related to colonial. I'll allow that when people colonized or invaded places (and not just white people did this), indigenous populations were often subjugated; places were usually not just wilderness and critters. Now we hear that some things are "too colonial", implying that bad things happened in the past, and people many years later will have hurt feelings. There is also an implied threat that someone will subjugate modern people like their ancestors were treated.

Now the leftist woke gang wants to "decolonize" science itself. Remember, white people are racist. Because reasons and stuff. It was mostly white people (but not exclusively) that developed modern science and the scientific method. Since indigenous people of color didn't think in such a fashion, science needs to be "decolonized". After all, indigenous people passed along knowledge through folklore and religion, so their descendants feel that they are excluded.

Notice how much of this is based on emotions, not facts.

Woke leftists want to decolonize science by merging the scientific method with indigenous knowledge. (Interesting that they respect pagan mythologies and religions, but are hypocritically bigoted against biblical creation science and Intelligent Design from the get-go!) While many people who think differently still believe in some kind of evolution, it's not the kind that Darwin's acolytes preach. (Mayhaps that's okay because the Creator is still excluded.) Incorporating some of this pagan mythology is completely opposed to reality, and this can backfire completely.
In its rush to appease woke radicals, Big Science is not thinking clearly. It is embracing the leftist terms diversity, inclusion, equity, and the rest, while trying to show remorse for its past sins, like scientific racism and eugenics. While some of these moves are overdue, some could backfire. One leftist tactic is to pre-judge any institution they don’t like with the term “colonial” to brand it as racist. The emotional effect of this half-truth is to cast automatic suspicion on anything coming from Europe or America, including (but not limited to) western science. The twisted thinking is that the founders of modern science were predominantly light-skinned and must be judged as “white supremacists” automatically without further discussion. Some “woke” activists have gone so far as to assert that mathematics is racist, and almost anything white people do is racist. Conversely, they think anything “indigenous” must be embraced as pure and undefiled by colonialism.

 I'd be much obliged if all y'all would read the rest of "Will Decolonization Destroy Science?" Woke people need to wake up to reality, and that is found uncompromised in God's Word.