New Dinosaur Tracks in Wales Testify of Genesis Flood

Over yonder in southern Wales near the southern end of Cardiff Bay is the seaside resort and community of Pernath. Scientist found fossilized dinosaur tracks that indicated they were walking on soft ground.

It was not that some dinosaur decided to head out for a stroll on two legs in the mud, as several of these things seemed to be in a mighty big hurry. The deposited sediments had minerals that are characteristic of a marine environment, which puzzled the scientists.

These tracks were from Benedicts Rock, Wales, credit: Flickr / Dr. Mary Gillham Archive (CC BY 2.0)
The secularists tried to evosplain why dinosaurs would be making tracks in ocean sediments, and even used a bit of the just-so story principle. (No mention if they found fossils of the dinosaurs that made the tracks.) For that matter, there are fossils of land and marine creatures buried together all over the world. If they weren't married up with atheistic uniformitarianism, scientists might see that observed evidence fits a creation science Genesis Flood model.
A group of evolutionary scientists from the United Kingdom and France recently unearthed a large track-bearing surface in southern Wales. They speculate that these prints are from a bipedal prosauropod dinosaur, similar to Plateosaurus, common across Europe. But their interpretation has one major issue. It appears that the prints were made across freshly deposited ocean sediments. Were these dinosaurs walking in the ocean?

Examination of the tracks shows that the footprint outlines are poorly preserved. Although, some indentations do reveal possible digits and claw marks. There also appear to be two sizes of prints at the site, with the larger tracks extending about 20 inches.

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