Reexamined Laetoli Footprints for Darwin

Dewey Lye, one of the interesting people at the Darwin Ranch near Deception Pass, was pondering new reports on the famed Laetoli footprints. You remember those. Lots of hoopla about the prints and how humans are the only mammals that walk the way we do.

Also, it was thought that we evolved in a linear manner. No evidence of course. Dewey explained to me that new research on the Laetoli footprints made Darwinists believe that several hominins existed at the same time. Because evolution.

Darwinists thought they had the fossil footprints at Laetoli figured out. Despite dishonesty and fake science in the research, evolution is falsified.
Credits: Original image, RGBStock / John Nyberg, cropped and run through PhotoFunia
Sometimes bears and chimpanzees walk upright, so were those tracks made by bears, humans, or apelike critters? Well, they're making much out of little, because most of those footprints don't give much information about who or what made them — including if they really are footprints, and someone could have been wearing foam clogs.

Lousy reasoning commenced because researchers assumed prints were made by an alleged evolutionary ancestor, and no other possibilities were considered. All that work and education (not to mention expense) for the purpose of fabricating a naturalistic myth to deny the work of the Creator.
The well-known bipedal trackway discovered in 1978 by Peter Jones and Philip Leakey at Laetoli site G, dated 3.66 million years, “are widely accepted as the oldest unequivocal evidence of obligate bipedalism in the human lineage.”

The problem with this claim was discussed in my previous post. Another trackway, less well known, had been discovered two years earlier at a nearby location called site A. It was partially excavated and the tracks were attributed by some to be those of hominins. The resemblance of the tracks with bear (ursid) tracks has marginalized its importance in the paleoanthropological community.

To read the rest, march over to "Reexamined Laetoli Footprints Confound Anthropologists." Be sure to come right back for the exciting conclusion!

Glad you made it back. While many of these footprints are distorted, there is one characteristic unique to humans: the big toe. Darwin's acolytes assigned an age of 3.7 million Darwin years to the prints, so humans could not have made them — according to evolutionism. But they don't look like ape prints, not by a long shot. Nope. That toe thing, you know. Apes don't have it.

Using their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™, they came up with a bill of goods sold to the secular science industry, the obedient lapdog science press, and the gullible public. That is, an Australopithecus that was evolving made the prints! Uh, sure, Poindexter. Human feet, but that's all. Circular reasoning, assuming evolution to prove evolution. Doesn't work that way, old son. There's an element of desperation here as well, because this is yet another item that essentially refutes evolution. Kaputt.

The evidence that the famous footprints imprinted in volcanic rock at Laetoli, Tanzania, were made by modern humans now appears fairly certain. At the least, there are major problems with the conclusion that they were made by an alleged ancient ancestor like  Australopithecus. . . . Here I add more evidence from recent studies that make a good case for the view that the prints were made by modern humans.

It's way past time for scientists who are not locked into promoting atheistic naturalism (and care about truth) to question evolution. That's one reason we have a Question Evolution Day set up on February 12. Anyway, if you want to see the news that makes Darwin sad and affirms recent creation, click on "Laetoli Footprints Were Made by Humans." Also, you may find that "Feet, Footprints, and Kicking Evolution Away" is worth your time.