Secular Geologist Getting Closer to the Truth

For many years, the secular science industry has relied on a uniformitarian (slow and gradual, the present is the key to the past) paradigm. After all, Darwin requires deep time so he can work his evolutionary miracles and secular geologists obediently provide it.

In many cases, the narrative take priority over the evidence and proper scientific investigation. Fortunately for science, this is not always the case. Occasionally, scientists are willing to question the prevailing paradigm, which would be good for secular geology.

Occasionally secular geologists are willing to violate the deep-time narrative. One researcher has ideas that bring him closer to the Genesis Flood.
Royal Gorge Bridge near CaƱon City, US National Weather Service (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Sometimes while doing research, scientists are prompted to think about how their existing framework needs serious retooling. One scientist found evidence of tremendous flooding in many areas. He suggested prolonged floods, but Royal Gorge and the Rocky Mountains do not cooperate with that. He had other ideas that didn't quite fit. He's getting closer to the truth, though, because the most thorough explanation of observed data is the global Genesis Flood and recent creation.
One evolutionary geologist sees the evidence of massive and prolonged water flow across the American West. He admits that current explanations have not identified any source for the water, and he’s calling for a rather drastic flip in secular geologic history to explain his observations, including proposing an earlier ice age.

Eric Clausen has spent a lot of time analyzing topographic maps across the West. His most recent publication looks at the drainage patterns through and surrounding Royal Gorge, Colorado. His previous publications cover similar drainage systems across the Laramie Range, Wyoming, the prairie region of the Dakotas and Canada, and the Yellowstone River, Montana, to name a few.

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