Big Tigers, House Tigers

Over a year after her passing, I still miss Basement Cat. Like other people, we marveled at what I call the feline machine — those amazing abilities given by the Master Engineer. Stalking, jumping, focusing on sounds, and all that good stuff. Loud noises prompt instant reactions.

Domestic cats seem to think they are tigers. They do have quite a bit in common with the great cats. When angry or feral, some of those similarities become even more apparent. Biblical creationists believe all cats came from the original created kinds in Genesis.

Creationists believe great cats such as tigers and housecats descended from the original created kind in Genesis. Clear differences, but interesting similarities.
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Yes, we accept speciation and varieties. This is not a concession to particles-to-puma evolution, because they didn't turn into something else. Also, our Creator designed organisms to have a rich genome that allowed for variety as well as being able to survive and thrive in various environments.

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
— from The Tyger by William Blake, 1794

There was a documentary of a celebrity on a tiger photography safari, riding elephants and the whole bit. I have a vague memory that the tiger wearied of being followed, then charged the group and roared. The elephants were none too pleased, and the celebrity said he had never been so scared in his whole life. The whole thing lasted about two seconds, but that wonderful animal made a strong impression.

Have you ever seen any of the great cats at play? Makes me want to say, "Kitty!" and give it a big hug. It would be the last thing I ever did, though. Some of them actually purr. Purring is a mystery to some people, but it's usually a sign of pleasure. When I petted Basement Cat, there was usually Insta-purr, and I knew she was happy. However, the mystery is exacerbated because they also purr when angry, bored, or their own reasons. Interestingly, tigers can purr. I wouldn't assume it's happy, though.

Made at PhotoFunia. Notice she's sleeping on a cat pillow
It saddens this child that several species of the magnificent tigers are extinct, and most of the rest are endangered. Siberian (Amur) tigers numbered about 400 in the wild, but conservation efforts and crackdowns on scumbag poachers give hope that they're beginning to make a comeback. But the original creation was very good, so why did God design such efficient killing machines? That's discussed in the article linked below.
People have always been fasciated with cats, including both house cats and tigers.

Whether it’s a fierce tiger basking in the sunshine or a fun-loving tomcat crouched and waiting to play with its owner, one of the most beautiful of God’s creatures is the cat.

They have been revered throughout history. The lion, commonly called the king of beasts, is mentioned many times in Scripture. Jesus Himself is called the Lion of Judah, a metaphorical expression of His greatness, power, and kingship.

You can read the rest by pouncing on "Purring Cats and Roaring Tigers." A related post is "How We Get Our Fabulous Feline Friends", the linked article there goes into a bit more depth.

Look at the cute kitty — with an experienced professional:

Pet it. You know you want to: