Abortion and Rebellion against the Created Order

The ideal status of the family unit was established by God in the beginning, which was one man and one woman. This was attacked shortly thereafter, and has been ever since. In fact, it is increasing. The Christian worldview sees other humans as created in the image of God.

It was shocking to pagan nations, but gradually began to take hold in cultures and governments. It was the Christian influences and advocacy that led to the abolition of slavery, and the elevation of women and children, because all are bearers of God's image.

Empty bassinet, Freestocks / Joanna Malinowska

People who hate God (whether they admit it or not) have rebelled against his created order for the family unit. Secularists use political ideologies that are ultimately Marxist in outlook, pretending that they are doing what is best for people. They promote false alternatives for the family, and claim that abortion is a "woman's right" and "healthcare" and will keep the bassinet empty. Indeed, Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four showed that secular state having rigid control of families, and breaking them up for the most part.

It is interesting that such people claim that contraception is also a right, but if they were using it, there wouldn't have been over 63 million abortions since 1973.

Facebook is notoriously censorious of Christian and Conservative material. Some anti-abortion Pages and groups have been shut down, censored by Facebook's pro-death owners, and instituted shadowbans (where content is hidden from the timelines of its fans). I don't want to take the time to document how other social(ist) media and Big Tech are doing, you can do that on your own. It's there.

The number of abortions worldwide has been increasing.  They call themselves "pro-choice", but they are really pro-death; there is a tremendous amount of sexual promiscuity and selfishness. These people knowingly murder unborn human lives, but don't care. The wire coat hanger is a symbol of their movement, an exaggerated claim that women used them (as well as knitting needles and other sharp objects) to murder their unborn children. Amazingly, these killer are sometimes referred to as "heroic!" Lovers of death are harassing US Supreme Court Justices, attacking Catholic churches (Protestants cannot be complacent, we're next), and exhibiting completely irrational behavior.

People need some kind of religious ritual (after all, atheists have their own creation mythologies in the Big Bang and Darwinism). Let's face it, abortion is a sacred sacrament for the left.

Evolution is foundational for the religion of atheistic secular humanism. Very few atheists and agnostics have pro-life views, which seems inconsistent because they believe this life is all there is. It is a long-proven scientific fact that life begins at conception. The Christian worldview upholds doing good to others and defending the defenseless. The church has upheld these standards and must continue to do so — despite the views of liberal churchians.

After all of this wicked activity, people can repent. Not just women who have had abortions, but those who allowed or even encouraged it. These are not unforgeable sins; forgiveness is found in Jesus Christ.

In Genesis 2, we see God’s created institution of lifelong, monogamous marriage and his command for Adam and Eve (and, by extension, all humanity descended from them) to be fruitful and multiply. Family is the first institution established by God, long before the government’s attempt to redefine it.

When Christianity confronted the Roman world, one striking difference between those who followed Christ and those who followed the false gods of the Romans was the value that Christians attributed to babies, children, women, and slaves—all classes of people who were seen as the chattel of the free Roman man.

. . .

It should not be surprising that people who hate God also hate the family model that he instituted. As secular worldviews begin to dominate a culture, the family unit is always the first to be attacked, especially the vulnerable members who benefit the most from Christian influence. Consequently, every key element of the family gets attacked. The permanence of marriage is attacked through no-fault divorce. The definition of marriage itself is attacked through same-sex or “open” marriage. The fruitful design of marriage is attacked through premarital relations, unwed parenting, and ultimately, through abortion on demand, even in the context of marriage.

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