The Kobayashi Maru of Lizard Evolution

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, a training exercise called the Kobayashi Maru was presented. It was named after a spaceship, and the exercise was a no-win situation. The only time it was beaten is when cadet James Tiberius Kirk reprogrammed the simulation. He was commended for original thinking.

Some may view that as cheating, but computer simulations are incomplete. However, when it comes to the evolution of lizards, which is one of many evolutionist Kobayashi Maru scenarios, cheating is blatant. It is also applauded because the end result makes Darwin smile.

Lizard, RGBStock / Michal Zacharzewski
Once again, the "earlier than thought" expression is utilized. In this case, it was about the alleged evolution of lizards, snakes, and so on. The researchers claimed that these critters evolved in the Jurassic, and that was a time of evolutionary "innovation." Now this is beyond just using a metaphor, and it is clearly reification; evolution is not an entity that innovates. The same goes for lizards.

In addition, this group of creatures had an "early burst" of evolution, but that slowed down. Researchers also came up with a term: Jurassic Morphospace Expansion (JME). Sure would be mighty nice if there was a shred of evidence instead of cranking out evoporn and inventing new terms. Very sciency. Very ethical.

No matter how much the situation is unwinnable for these sidewinders, they keep on cheating and doing their best to deny the clear evidence of recent special creation. If they want to deny God, that's their problem. But they also deceive others and bring them along to perdition. If you study on it, they're just living according to the subjective morality in their materialistic, God-denying worldview.

The old evolutionary tale was that lizards evolved and diversified in the Cretaceous alongside the dinosaurs. Because many Cretaceous lizards had advanced features, some evolutionists suspected that they had originated earlier, in the Jurassic, but few fossils were known. Now, researchers at the University of Bristol claim that the order Squamata, the largest group of reptiles that includes lizards and snakes, was already advanced 50 million years earlier than thought.

You can read it all, but make sure your jaw won't get hurt when it drops down. Read "Lizard Explosion Heard Around the World." By the way, in the Star Trek canon, the character James T. Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa. East of there is the birthplace of Wester movie actor Marion Morrison — better known as John Wayne. Wasn't Kirk a cowboy at heart?