Scientific Elitism and Critical Thinking

When scientists write papers or give presentations to the public, obviously they should have superior knowledge on their areas of expertise. The problem is when scientists act like they are superior to other people beyond this.

People have been told to trust and follow the science in many areas such as COVID-19, global warming, evolution, and others. Many experts who are considered outsiders raise questions and present contrary evidence to their claims, and the elitist attitudes of the previous are revealed. The performance masques have slipped quite a bit lately.

People are less confident in scientists these days, and are rejecting elitism. Secularists with agendas do not want contrary views presented to people.
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This elitism is especially evident in the secular science industry. They "know" they are right, and have also been married up with leftist political agenda. Elitists are motivated to make others agree with them. Unlike biblical creationists, for example, who do not shield people from evolutionary views but encourage critical thinking, these tinhorns try to censor dissenting material.

Worse, they call those of us who disagree with their pontifications anti-science, but in fact, they are anti-science. Further, they oppose free speech and freedom of thought. People tend to put scientists on pedestals, thinking that science itself will save humanity. Secularists often obfuscate the facts and use emotional manipulation in keeping with their authoritarian attitudes. Science is not God, old son, stop with the idolatry.

“The curtain has been lifted” is an idiom that aptly portrays when a hidden truth is revealed. On the public side of a curtain called “biological science,” the perception of scientists for decades was that of rational, ideologically neutral researchers who were admirably dead to ambition and were driven to discover biological truths beneficial to all mankind. People trusted them.

. . .

Perhaps for the first time, people outside the academic arena could see how scientists consider themselves so much smarter than “common” people that they are justified in decreeing to others—for their own good, of course—what to think and how to behave. The pandemic exposed this hidden side. Scientists had been able to get away with abusing the public trust precisely because people were kept na├»ve about how scientists manipulate behavior and, more ominously, thought.

To finish reading, head on over to "Lifting the Curtain on Scientific Elitism." Some folks may want an  explanation for why I linked to an article by Dr. Randy Guliuzza at the Institute for Creation Research after I was critical of his disingenuous position on natural selection.

I screen materials that are featured here and posted on my social(ist) media, and there are things that I think are weak or have other problems, so I don't present them. However, sometimes I post things that I do not fully endorse. I could be wrong, and readers can evaluate that information. 

When I wrote about Dr. Guliuzza in "Creationists Presenting Wrong Information about Natural Selection", I was not cutting him or ICR off. Instead, I chose to exercise more discernment when dealing with their material. What is linked above by Dr. Guliuzza contains a couple of digs at "selectionists", but those are side comments and not deal breakers.