Evolutionary Racism and the Buffalo Shootings

Although he opposed slavery, Charles Darwin was a racist. His disciples become infuriated with us when we point out this fact and cry, "That is an ad hominem!" While it is indeed about the man, it is not fallacious. His racist views were instrumental to his version of evolution.

Darwin considered black people and others to belong to less-evolved inferior races. Eventually, those "races" would be replaced by civilized man — white people. (This child wonders if the best white people were the Victorian English.) This exacerbated racism and formed "scientific racism."

Misotheists get angry when Darwin's racism is discussed, but it greatly influenced his work. The shooter at the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo was influenced by Darwinian racism.
Tops Friendly Market, Flickr / Nicholas Eckhart (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
The way mainstream media refer to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, etc., make it sound like there are quite a few of them. I have never met any. Yes, I've met racists but not the hardcore types, and turned down connection requests on social(ist) media for white supremacists. The Buffalo shooter on 14 May 2022 was racially motivated and apparently insane. We can't blame Darwin for this guy's insanity, but evolutionary thinking definitely played a big part in his thinking and actions.

It should be noted that other shooters in the past several years have been Darwinists, many were atheists.

I'll take this further. The secular science industry controls organizations and academia, and God is not allowed in public schools, as he interferes with atheistic indoctrination. Otherwise, the shooter may have been able to hear the truth that there is only one race, and we are created in God's image. Although I seldom feature material from Intelligent Design organizations, this is definitely worth seeing.

Over the weekend [of 14 May 2022], a teenage male shooter perpetrated a horrific mass murder in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where 13 people were shot, and 10 died. All but two of the victims were black.

Journalists and commentators have rushed to report that the shooter is a white supremacist who hates blacks, Jews, and immigrants and subscribes to the racist theory known as “The Great Replacement.” The description is true as far as it goes.

But it is also woefully inadequate. It doesn’t tell us anything about the roots of the shooter’s twisted beliefs. Until we start paying attention to THAT question, we are unlikely to make progress in combatting these kinds of crimes in the future.

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