Telling Stories about the Evolution of Sounds

No, nobody seems to be speculating on the origin of sound itself yet, but that may happen eventually. This one is about the idea that Earth was quiet for a mighty long time before life evolved. Then, some things began to make sounds.

The physics of sound production and travel are understood, and scientists have a handle on how humans and critters make various sounds. One paleontologist in particular presented science-free speculations based on his materialistic worldview of how sounds from organisms evolved.

A paleontologist presented science-free storytelling of how sounds from organisms evolved. They were based on his worldview, not on any evidence.
Storyteller by Anker Grossvater, 1884 / Source: Wikimedia Commons
This owlhoot began with a naturalistic view of origins and history, then commenced to use the fundamental scientific principle so popular in the secular science industry: Making Things Up™. In a recent post, I mentioned the successful advertising promotion, "Where's the Beef?", which has often been repurposed to indicate that something has no substance. More recently, "Show me the money" has been used in a similar way.

The storyteller has no science to support his speculations. No "beef." No "money" (except wasteful government funding, of course). People who use their critical thinking skills should dismiss this falderal and reject fake science like this. Biblical creationists know that people and organisms were created to communicate, as well as provide auditory beauty, from the beginning. 
Have you ever wondered how long the earth was quiet except for wind, rain, and waves? Neither had I, but my answer of four days pales in comparison to that of paleontologist and biomechanist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, Michael Habib.

Evolutionist Habib puts it closer to four billion years, with sound for the first time coming from animals that arose during the Cambrian period, alleged to be between 541 and 485.4 million years ago. Prior to that, any life that existed—a period of more than three billion years—was not capable of making sound; it hadn’t evolved the mechanics yet. Note that Earth supposedly began 4.5 billion years ago, about 4 billion years before the Cambrian.

This article is well worth your time, and can be finished at "Sounding off on evolution."