Of Languages and Brains

There are many scientific and logical challenges for minerals-to-microscopist evolution, and a few are quite frustrating for its believers. One of the more disconcerting areas is the origin of language. Not only are evolutionists unable to come up with a plausible mechanism, language also speaks of the Creator.

Although the secular science industry is red in tooth and claw protecting naturalism, there are a few mavericks who defy prevailing views and offer alternatives — as long as they don't jump the corral fence and run for freedom in biblical creation.

The alleged evolution of language has always been a problem for Darwinists. A new study declares it was an accident. No, evidence supports creation.
Brain circuit board, Pixabay / Gordon Johnson
Apparently, learning a language is extremely beneficial and has several influences, but it is an accident. Culture plays a part. Chimpanzees are presumed to be our closest evolutionary relatives, but they cannot learn languages, nor can they teach their offspring. What little they know needs to be relearned in each generation. Also, they are simply not wired for it. Humans learn languages well, especially as children. Darwinists need to cowboy up and realize that we were designed by our Creator to learn and use languages because he wants us to not only survive, but also to thrive.
Charles Darwin na├»vely proposed that human language evolved from animal grunts by a Lamarckian process: “As the voice was used more and more, the vocal organs would have been strengthened and perfected through the principle of the inherited effects of use.” 
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The latest theory for the origin of human language appeared 26 March 2022 in a headline in New Scientist magazine which announced, “How Humans Learned to Speak: The accidental origins of our greatest innovation.”

You can read it all by clicking on "Did Humans Get Language by Mistake?" Be sure to come back for the other article, which has some startling material.

The previous article discussed some details in biology that cause us to be able to use languages and even how we can speak. Our brains are astonishingly complex, a constant source of amazement to scientists and medical professionals. We have seen many times that the Master Engineer designed living organisms with many abilities to adapt to conditions and environments, and even more so for us. Not only are we created, but we are special to the Creator. You savvy that, pilgrim?

In [the above] post, Dr Jerry Bergman explained some of the biological requirements for language, including parts of the brain, mouth and neck. These two stories reveal that more is going on in language and reason than mere biology.

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