Freedom and Evolutionary Psychology

What is arguably the best job security for a secular scientist is something that has the word evolutionary in the title. Those things are self-serving, requiring assumptions of Darwinism, then working from there in efforts to prop up evolution and do research that has no practical value.

It is interesting that atheists sometimes say that Christianity does not allow free will, but they use theirs to reject God. Then they argue from their materialistic presuppositions and preach evolution — which means that we are all just animals responding to our electro-chemical impulses.

Wolf pack, Unsplash / Thomas Bonometti
What atheists and other evolutionists don't understand is that ought or should that can not be justified in their worldview. If an atheist complains that a Christian is doing something wrong (or creationists "lying" about evolution by presenting material that refutes it), they are appealing to a higher moral standard. By doing so, they are tacitly admitting that their worldview cannot account for right, wrong, truth, logic, or anything else. By using such things, they are standing on the biblical worldview! Atheism is incoherent, and it fortunately, it cannot be lived in a consistent manner.

Evolutionary psychology is weird. Since they believe humans are just animals and not created in the image of God, somehow they think that studying the interactions inequities of critters in their societies, it helps evolutionists understand humanity better. In addition, research was conducted regarding altruistic punishment and the "evolutionary forces" in voluntary participation. Those and other strange material is discussed in the following article.
The Darwin-dominated academic press continues its song and dance about the evolution of human behavior. People do what they do because evolution made it so.

Sometimes Darwinians invoke “evolutionary game theory” to model why natural selection makes some people selfish (cheaters) or altruistic (cooperators). But if all human behavior is a product of blind evolution, what happens to truth? It is gone. So is choice. So is personal freedom. And (as evolutionists never consider), so is the writing of scientific papers about evolution. It’s no longer about a search for the truth. It reduces to the authors’ strategy to pass on their genes. Such is the nonsense of evolutionary psychology.

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