Evolutionists Not Asking the Right Questions

Centuries ago, I accepted a position as a production scheduler. My knowledge of the product was nonexistent, and the machinery amazed me. My predecessor was supposed to train me, but ran off. Then my supervisor was out sick. That meant I had to get out on the floor and talk to the workers and their supervisors.

The biggest problem is that I had no idea of the right questions to ask. There was no framework for my thinking. For Darwin's disciples in the secular science industry, this was the opposite of their problem.

The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, 1511
There are tropes about trying to solve crimes or save lives, and the people doing the work often realize, "We're going about this the wrong way." They had to get outside their framework and consider other possibilities. Unfortunately, evolutionists are so locked into their materialistic paradigms that they cannot conduct proper scientific research or solve problems. As we have seen many times on this site alone, evolutionists cannot reasonably explain the evidence they have available, even though it clearly points to the global Genesis Flood, design, and recent creation.
Science often advances or slows depending on the questions that are asked, and the questions open for discussion are (as Thomas Kuhn argued) limited by the consensus paradigm. The paradigm, or worldview of a particular field of science, forms a mental picture of what the issues are, what questions are worth asking, what puzzles remain to be solved, and even what terminology should be used to approach the subject.

Few are the maverick researchers willing to work outside the box. They are often ignored or shunned. The paradigm runs on inertia until anomalies crop up. Enough anomalies frustrate the paradigm until fresh minds (usually younger scientists) try a different paradigm. When the new paradigm becomes a consensus, a scientific revolution occurs, but often there are many die-hards who cannot let go of the old one.

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