Extinct Marine Reptiles and Bursty Evolution

Some evolutionists act like they are still giddy after spending May Day at the Darwin Ranch near Deception Pass, dancing around the May Pole and singing hymns to the Bearded Buddha. Mayhaps they joined the ranch hands in consuming peyote for religious purposes.

In their ongoing mission to explore strange new ways of affirming evolution, some interesting methods to affirm it without evidence have been written. We have three articles to consider. The first is the longest, about a 12-minute read.

Ichthyosaurs have been in the news. Evolutionists have been making unsupportable claims. the evidence points to the Genesis Flood.
Ichthyosaur, Copyright Expired Science Illustrations / Heinrich Harder, 1916
Some of these critters of dinosaur times were porpoise size, others were as big as a whale. Evolution is supposed to be without a plan, but evolutionary paganism was in the reports. Somehow, purpose-driven evolution provided numerous adaptations for marine reptiles. One weird speculation is that they evolved in "bursts." Uh, evidence, please? 

Fun fact: The English word please is a shortened form of plesiosaurus. Centuries ago, people would say, "I would like another cup of tea, plesiosaurus." I can use the scientific principle of Making things Up™ without evidence, too. I'm just not as impressive.

Thinking people want more than storytelling and fact-free assertions. How about using fossils to support their pronouncements instead of, "Hail Darwin! Blessed Be!" and other blind-faith messages? Again we see evidence for the design capabilities of the Master Engineer, which is the reasonable conclusion from what is observed.
Fossils from two orders of extinct marine reptiles have made recent news. Plesiosaurs (“near lizards”) were long-necked, air-breathing reptiles with streamlined bodies and flippers like those of sea lions; elasmosaurs (“metal plate lizards”) were the largest plesiosaurs with the longest necks. Ichthyosaurs (“fish lizards”) were more stout-bodied air-breathing predators, some of which grew to immense size. The following press releases describe surprising adaptations for their lifestyles, and even more surprising locations of some of the fossils. Nevertheless, they assert confidently without any debate or discussion that they all “evolved” from unknown land-dwelling ancestors by blind processes of chance.

To see what I'm going on about and be amazed your ownselves, click on "Extinct Marine Reptiles vs Evolution." Be sure to come back for the next segments!

According to biblical creation science models, glaciers have pretty much remained the same as the earth settled down after the Genesis Flood. They did a bit of creeping forward and backward during prolonged warm and cool periods. We are in a warmer period, so they are sounding the retreat. Good news for paleontologists!

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The Tyndall Glacier's retreat revealed a passel of plesiosaur fossils. As is happening more and more, they are well preserved. No evidence of their alleged evolution is found. The old story of something dying and sinking to the bottom of a lake or ocean, gradually getting buried, and eventually fossilized does not work. In fact, secular paleontologists are using floods as explanations more and more. Of course, they will not admit that the evidence points to the Genesis Flood.

Evolutionists believe that ichthyosaurs evolved from land reptiles which became marine. However, the fossil record shows otherwise. No fossil intermediates between any land reptile and ichthyosaurs have been found. Ichthyosaurs first appear in the fossil record fully formed with no evolutionary precursors and with many clear design features for life in the sea. These design features include specific eye and ear designs for seeing and hearing under water as well as “a dorsal fin and tail in just the right place and with just the right hydrological design”, as described by evolutionary paleontologist the late Stephen Jay Gould.

You can read the entire article (it should take about six minutes), visit "Ichthyosaur graveyard points to Noah’s Flood and the Ice Age." Then, one more to go!

Plesiosaurs have been in the news again. Evolutionists have been making unsupportable claims. the evidence points to the Genesis Flood.
Plesiosaur, Copyright Expired Science Illustrations / Heinrich Harder, 1916
So, how did those long-necked beasties with the wing-like flippers evolve? If they first lived in the sea, there's no fossil evidence of them evolving to live on land, nor is there evidence that they did a U-turn and re-evolved for sea life. But the evolutionary narrative demands it. 

Computer models of their locomotion were made, showing a method that is used in (wait for it) engineering. This child lacks belief that plesiosaurs or other creatures studied engineering. There is a great deal of evidence, here and elsewhere, that the Creator designed creatures for their ecological niches.
Plesiosaurs (“near lizards”) were an amazing group of aquatic reptiles. Their clear design includes unique flippers and streamlined bodies with long necks.

Evolutionists maintain many millions of years ago fish evolved into tetrapods. But some of these animals after becoming established on land (e.g. mammals, birds and reptiles) turned around and went back into the ocean, becoming aquatic mammals (Cetacea) and reptiles (plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs). So, the “Sauropterygia, or paddle lizards...re-adapted to living in the oceans” (emphasis added) including evolving efficient “four uniform wing-like flippers” used in swimming.

To spend about five minutes reading the rest, go sea "Plesiosaurs: Designed for Swimming in the Beginning."