Short-armed Dinosaurs and Convergence Fantasies

Way down Argentina way, paleontologists found themselves a new dinosaur, and named it Meraxes gigas after a critter in George R.R. Martin stories. They were cleaning and studying it for about ten years. The skeleton is said to be more complete than any others of this type. They were so thrilled, this thing was given its own genus.

M. gigas was like T. rex in body structure, including short arms and a big head. This bad boy was supposedly stomping around about twenty million Darwin years before T. rex lived. Interesting that tyrannosaurid fossils have not been discovered in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The dinosaur Meraxes gigas was studied and announced. It was similar to T. rex, and secularists are invoking their miracle of convergent evolution.
 Excellent artwork of Meraxes gigas, WikiComm / Carlos Papolio (CC BY-SA 4.0)
As regular readers have seen, evidence for the evolution of dinosaurs is based on stories and graphics, not facts. Riding along the science trail, consistency, logic, and other things dropped with loud plops. The secular non-science miracle of convergent evolution was invoked to explain big heads and small arms. Conspicuously absent from some reports was that the remains were so well-preserved, which is strong evidence for recent creation and the Genesis Flood.
Patagonia is a long way from Montana. In 2012, researchers discovered a large theropod dinosaur resembling a T rex in Patagonia, along with several sauropods. They’ve been excavating, cleaning and classifying it for a decade, deciding where and when it evolved into its niche in Darwin’s fallen tree (see 29 June 2022). Notably, this large predator had a big head, small arms, and strong hind limbs like its more famous lookalike. How did it get that way? Answer: Darwin Flubber did it! Our Darwin Dictionary defines Darwin Flubber as

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