The Engineered Nitrogen Cycle

If asked what we breathe, people will probably say air. When asked for a bit more detail, they may say oxygen. Yes, we need oxygen and we need it quickly. Pure oxygen is explosive and we can get too much, so it is about twenty-one percent of the atmosphere. Most of the rest is nitrogen.

Oxygen is easy to get. Just breathe. Nitrogen is also essential for life, but breathing does not help much. Someone stranded on a desert island can be surrounded by water and die of thirst because salt water is not usable. Similarly, nitrogen needs to be made usable for us.

The Master Engineer has given us the nitrogen cycle, as that is vital for life. All that nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted and regulated for use.
The Top of the Atmosphere, NASA / ISS013-E-54329 (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
The Master Engineer makes sure we have what we need to survive and thrive (e.g., those fossil fuels some love to hate), and he has given the world the nitrogen cycle. One would probably never guess that lightning striking the ground is beneficial! It activates a process where bacteria convert nitrogen gas into stuff that plants can use. Since lightning strikes the earth about eight million times a day, some bacteria offset that process so it's not too much. The nitrogen cycle is something else that is too wonderful for evolutionists to explain through time, chance, and random processes.
Nitrogen is vital for human survival, yet few appreciate how lightning and soil bacteria contribute to Earth’s nitrogen cycle.
That Earth’s nitrogen cycle serves us as it does, reliably enabling our bodies to live and grow, proves God’s providential care for His creatures. To illustrate, we receive nitrogen in chemically usable forms whenever we consume fish, eggs, legumes, and/or dairy products.

In contrast, consider how carbohydrate production is popularly appreciated. Photosynthesis is routinely taught in K-12 schools. But what about the nitrogen-containing foods our bodies need to build peptides for proteins and nucleotides for DNA and RNA? Because we need proteins, RNA, and DNA, we must constantly consume usable nitrogen in our diets.

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