Bat Wings are Intricately Engineered

Way back when, I was watching the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman series and asked my father if Batman could fly. Superheroes do that, right? Well, no version of Batman was a superhero, and he could not fly naturally. He needed something that was intelligently designed.

Bats did not need to call Alfred the butler to bring them wings — they were born with them. If one asks a typical Darwinist how bat wings came to be, the response will probably be something along the non-science lines of, "It evolved." No, thinking people are not interested in naturalistic blind-faith assertions.

An evolutionist will be stumped as to how bat wings supposedly evolved, especially since bats are unchanged in the fossil record. They are designed.
Flying fruit bat, Flickr / Tambako The Jaguar (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Thinking a bit further, it should not be a surprise that an evolutionist would wave off a question about how the bat got its wings. That's because there is no evidence in the fossil record of bat evolution: A bat is still a bat, as time goes by.

Now consider the wing itself. The bat's wings are extremely flexible and capable of extreme maneuvers very, very quickly. Many fossils are being discovered that show extreme detail, and bat wings are on the list. They were fully functional millions of Darwin years ago. Stop kidding yourselves, evolutionists. Once again, the evidence affirms recent creation and is hostile to evolution.

A study of the bat wing reveals incredible engineering features. It’s not enough for the wing to provide lift for flight. High-speed photography shows bats have an ability to track down, capture, and eat small insects while flying. Therefore, wing shape must change in a fraction of a second to apprehend the tiny morsel. In addition, the wings “are equipped with an unusual repertoire of somatosensory receptors.” Indeed, the bat is able to do all this effortlessly due to its amazing wing design.

This entire short article can be found in a cave somewhere at "How Did the Bat Get Its Wings?" The following video is fascinating. Interestingly, it mentions a fossil supposedly millions of years old, which is a problem for deep time and evolution.