Faulty Reasoning in Plant Evolution Stories

Believers in universal common ancestor evolution want others to believe as they do, so they commence to posturing. Since people are willing to bow down to what they perceive as superior knowledge by scientists, they tend to self-censor any questions.

We have seen numerous times that Just-So Stories are passed off as serious research (a recent example is in the post about electric fish), but they evosplain much without giving any real science. Since all life supposedly began in the sea, evolutionists must explain how plant life developed on land.

Secularists evosplain how plants, such as the ancestor of this Hedge Bindeweed, originated in water and migrated to land. But there is no science involved. Plenty of appeals to secular miracles.
Hedge Bindeweed, my photo modified with FotoSketcher
Mayhaps the self-censoring of questions and objections is partly because people are not taught critical (logical) thinking skills much nowadays. They might see in an article all the assertions without evidence, and appeal to secular miracles.
Yes, secularists have their own miracles, but they have antipathy toward admitting it, so they rename them. Sound familiar? Atheists and Darwin's disciples play word games and change definitions for their own agendas quite frequently. Evoporn propaganda about plant evolution may feel good to researchers and the gullible public, but there is no real science in it. Would you agree that they are desperate to supplant the Creator?

Cell Press has just published a grand tale about how land plants evolved. “The greening ashore,” an open-access document with somewhat cartoony-looking graphics, is now online under the banner Trends in Plant Science. . . It will likely succeed, because critical thinkers are summarily absent from the discussion.

If questions were allowed, though, a reading of this document would become tedious immediately. The critical questioner would be interrupting the text every few words. Here’s how it might go starting at the opening Highlights section:

To read it all, root yourself at "Green Darwinism Wilts Under Questioning." Watch for the discussion on secular miracles.