Explaining Dry Valleys on the Jurassic Coast

Linked below is a technical article dealing with the geology of the Jurassic Coast, but if this child can learn something from it, so can you. Since such articles are written more for people with scientific backgrounds than for folks like us, they contain specialized language.

One is geomorphology, the study of changes in land features (geo and morph). The predominant word periglaciation was new to me so I had to look it up. It involves permafrost areas, and uniformitarian (slow and gradual processes over long periods of time) geologists believe that periglaciation, which is the freezing, thawing, and land-shaping that occurred around glaciers, may have formed the dry valleys of the Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast has dry valleys that baffle secular geologists, with 20 possible explanations that all fail. Evidence supports the Genesis Flood and biblical creation science.
Jurassic Coast, Dorset; Pixabay / Roman Grac
Dry valleys are dry. That is, no rivers flow through them. Secular scientists expect rivers to carve out valleys over long periods of time. They have twenty possible explanations for the dry valleys. Periglaciation is the one they like best, but admit that it has serious problems. For one thing, the valleys are short, long, straight, bending — not consistent. Also, supporting evidence from what is observed is weak.

It is indeed unfortunate that secular scientists reject any explanations out of hand that do not conform to their worldview. Otherwise, they would see that creation science Genesis Flood models provide a more satisfying explanation than they can present.

The Jurassic Coast, an English World Heritage Site, attracts many geologists trying to understand its distinctive geomorphological features—particularly the numerous dry valleys. While uniformitarian geomorphologists persistently offer periglaciation as their best explanation, they admit that it and all other models are deficient. This paper evaluates a model associated with rapid subterranean uplift, and erosion through fast movement of the associated water. It has the hallmarks of the retreat of the Noachian Flood.

To read the rest (go on, give it a try), slide on over to "The Jurassic Coast, England and its dry valleys: periglaciation or Noah’s Flood?" Also of interest is "Jurassic Coast Propaganda Playground Fails."