A Cyclic Universe Cannot Exist, Genesis Affirmed Again

A spell back, we looked at how secular cosmogonists and cosmologists want to bring back the oscillating universe, also called cyclic and even bouncing universe. There was a Big Bang and inflation, it expands, then slows, collapses in, lather, rinse, repeat.

Those owlhoots are still gnawing on that bone, but as discussed a few times, there are secularists who are not content to go with the flow. A couple of physicists decided to examine things their ownselves. They pulled back the reins and hollered, "Whoa!"

Since the Big Bang is failing, some secularists want to bring back the cyclic universe. Some physicists examined the data and pulled back the reins and stop the ride.
Universe and Genesis, Bible page from Pxhere mixed with NASA / ESA image (usage does not imply endorsement)
The biblical account of creation is consistent with the laws of science. (Indeed, Genesis 1:1 is where they are first manifest.) The Creator is the First Cause, but the oscillating universe cannot happen because of that pesky ol' Second Law of Thermodynamics. It indicates all that universe bouncing they propose will stop. Thermodynamics was brought up before in discussions of the oscillating universe, but this time the objection is for the latest version.
Prior to the acceptance of big bang theory, scientific materialists had thought that the universe was eternal. A universe that never began could just be thought of as a given; no Creator would be necessary. Faced with a real physical beginning to space and time, some astronomers still had a way out: a cyclic universe. Maybe we live in just one of an infinite cycle of big bangs and collapses.

Now, cosmologists at the University of Buffalo are taking away that option.

Read the whole article from the start at "No Escape from 'In the Beginning'” The truth remains that God is the Creator, and secularists need to cowboy up and face the truth.