A View from an Astronaut

One does not need to be a traveler in space to appreciate creation, but it helps. Several American astronauts, especially in the early days of the space program, have become more aware of the Creator. These include James IrwinBuzz Aldrin (who took communion on the moon), Jack LousmaRick Husband, Jeff Williams, and others.

Answers magazine interviewed Barry Wilmore, an accomplished pilot who spent time on the International Space Station. Barry traveled on both Soyuz and Space Shuttles. 

He points out that we do not need to go up yonder to experience the Creator in our lives here and now.

There have been several astronauts who grew in faith because of their experiences in space. One of these is Barry Whitmore of ISS-41, who is seen here during a space walk.
Barry Wilmore, ISS-41 in 2015 / NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
I'm going to stop right here for a moment and mention something that really puts a burr under my saddle: People who claim that NASA and all those other agencies are lying to cover up the "fact" that the earth is flat. They are stupid. That's right, I said it! Anyone with a lick of sense knows that any conspiracy is hard to keep a secret, even with three people. But thousands? Get real. Also, you're attacking the integrity of those people, many of whom are Bible-believing Christians.

Barry was a Christian early on, and his faith grew when he was in his twenties. (It must be an amazing feeling to a believer when doing space walks!) While he has to be careful what he says to people of various faiths and nationalities in his talks, he does not hide his faith or "leave God out of it."

Barry Wilmore is a Christian. He strongly feels his calling to use his passion for astronomy as a platform to share the message of God’s special creation and salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

. . .

Wilmore explains to audiences that most people dream of becoming an astronaut, but few people plot a course to do it. He didn’t either. Yet God orchestrated events for him to be selected by NASA in 2000. He attributes this tremendous opportunity to God’s grace.

To read the entire article or hear the audio by my favorite reader, blast off for "An Astronaut’s Perspective on Creation." Interestingly, there is an extra section on the audio version that doesn't seem to belong.