Using Scientism to Defend the Truth

Most scientists live by the philosophy of materialism. That is, the atheistic that matter is all that exists. It is presupposed. Scientism stems from materialism, and it is a belief that everything can be explained by scientific methodologies — including philosophy and morality. Scientism is a de facto religion.

Those practicing Scientism (who may not realize that their belief system has a name) tend to be insufferably smug. They are the self-appointed intellectual elite, and thinking they are better than others because they are materialistic scientists is logically fallacious.

Scientism is based on atheistic naturalism, and is a religion in its own right. They tend to be smug elitists, and one illogically thinks he can determine truth
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One tinhorn was talking about "scientific truth", and secular elitists are to be the ones who determine truth. He bases his woefully insufficient beliefs on what is "known" through science, but his own reasoning is saturated with difficulties. After all, many scientific "facts" have been discovered to be untrue, and have been rejected. No, old son. The only truth is found in the Creator, who has made himself known to us.
Dr. William L. Roper wrote an Editorial for Science Magazine on 29 June 2022 with the brash title, “Science, health, and truth.” Roper is the president of the campuses of the University of North Carolina. One would think before writing about science and truth that Dr Roper would read up a little bit on the philosophy of science. Sadly, his view of science appears at about a high school level. He should know better.

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