The Evolutionary Speciation Battle Rages On

Regular readers might recollect that I wrote about a dustup at the Darwin Ranch, yonder out Folly Road near Deception Pass. Evolutionists cannot agree on how to define species, and it is unfortunate that they reject the superior taxonomy of the biblical kind used in creation science (see "Coming to Terms with Species and Biblical Kinds").

Speciation occurs when similar living things can interbreed. But the squabble about defining species applies here as well. (After all, coyotes and dogs can interbreed.) The Master Engineer designed living things to adapt, survive, and reproduce.

More evolutionist deceptions at a very basic level. They are calling something evolution and implying Darwinian change, but it is only variation.
Darwin caricature from one of the Vanity Fair publications, 1871, modified at Pixlr
Brown bears and polar bears interbreed, so does that mean they are separate species? There is disagreement. Using molecular clock data has too many problems and is unreliable, so that won't stop the battle. Galápagos finches are often cited as evidence that Papa Darwin was right, but...

Then we have the famous folly of Richard Lenski's E. coli experiment, which is inadvertently supporting creation. Why? After all those years, the bacteria remain the same. Again, that's not evolution. Darwinists are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by calling something "evolution" which is simply variation. That's the deception of the ol' bait-and-switch, old son.
Speciation may be defined as the separation of populations of animals or plants that resemble one another closely and originally able to interbreed—into independent populations with genetic differences, and sometimes not able to interbreed with other populations to which they are directly related. Put another way, speciation is when one creature becomes two or more species. However, according to a respected evolutionist, “Speciation remains one of the most controversial and least understood topics in evolution.” The main problem is that the use of the term ‘species’ can be arbitrary and non-definitive.

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