The Thymus and Harmful Evolutionary Medicine

Something that gets the hands at the Darwin Ranch on the prod is when creationists bring up past  embarrassments of evolutionists. In addition to their failed attempts to provide plausible human ancestors, there are numerous logical flaws in their research. One frequent error is arguing from ignorance.

Many creationists, and even some evolutionists, complain about secularists acting like the mantle of scientist allows them to speak ex cathedra. Speaking from evolutionary presuppositions and incomplete information, aspects of DNA were wrongly declared to be "junk", and bodily organs were said to be "vestigial", which has been thoroughly refuted.

Another example of where evolutionary thinking has been harmful to medical science. Here, we see that the thymus is extremely important to our health.
Diagram with Thymus Gland, Wikimedia Commons / Cancer Research UK (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The thymus glad was said to be vestigial (a useless organ or structure that lost its purpose in the deep, dark past of evolutionary history). If those tinhorns had been less anti-creation and realized that the Master Engineer put things in their places for important purposes, such false medical science would not have been doing harm to people. It turns out that the thymus is one of those glands.
I have taught anatomy and physiology (A&P) at a medical school and other colleges for over 20 years. Most areas of A&P are straightforward and easy to teach. One area is not—the human immune system. It is so complex and convoluted that it tends to be confusing to students and, sometimes, even to the professor as well. It reminds me of a maze where you enter at one end and exit somewhere along the one path, except that with the immune system, all paths lead to an exit somewhere.

The main function of the immune system is simple: to detect a foe and kill it, or to discern a friend and ignore it. This is vital because if the immune system does not accurately discern a foe and kill it, the person will often get very sick and eventually die. Likewise, if it does not accurately discern self as friend, then the person may eventually die of an autoimmune disorder or, at the least, may suffer for years.

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