Cold Blooded, Warm Blooded, and Non-Evolution

In an amazing surprise, proclaimers of universal common descent evolution used circular reasoning. Just kidding, they frequently do that sort of thing. There is a huge gulf between warm- and cold-bloodedness, and the expensive word comes into play: thermoregulation.

If you look closely at it, you can figure out that it means that living things can keep their body temperatures within certain boundaries. There are many various methods utilized so they do not become too cold or overheated whenever possible.

Cold-blooded alligator, warm-blooded lion, evolutionists cannot explain how warm-bloodedness evolved.
Alligator and lions wanting you to pet them, both images from Pxhere
Scientific literature has plenty of material about, "Boy, thermoregulation sure is a nifty thing, being helpful and all." But evolution is supposed to be without purpose, right? These jaspers often discuss why it evolved, and that's bad medicine to fundamentalist evolutionists. Except when teleology suits their purposes.

Researchers studied both fossilized and living mammals and learned about the uniqueness of the inner ears. Since they very different from cold-blooded animals, data was evosplained to fit the data. That is disingenuous.

Also, we have a couple of things appear in the featured article that have been discussed before. First, the secular popular science press is saying things that are not in the reports and are news to the researchers. In this case, the "exact moment" that mammals became warm-blooded — the researchers didn't say that. Second, a "faster than expected" remark. All this sensationalism and fake science wastes everyone's time, our tax grotzits, and our intelligence. The fact is that the Master Engineer created some creatures warm-blooded, others are cold-blooded, for their particular ecological niches.
Attempts to determine when warm-bloodedness in mammals evolved first require showing how the cold-blooded system could have evolved into the much more complex warm-blooded temperature regulating system. The contrast between warm- and cold-blooded animals is enormous, and all attempts to bridge it by some theoretical evolutionary scenario have so far failed. Temperature regulation is critical for life’s biochemistry for many reasons, especially for enzymes to function. Too cold, and enzymes work poorly if at all; too warm, and they can denature, rendering them nonfunctional. The loss of key enzyme function is lethal.

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