Darwinism and Lazy Science

It has been shown many times here and in other places that evolutionary thinking hinders science, and has actually been harmful to medical science. A large part of the problem is how they presuppose atoms-to-atheist evolution and build on that, and most cling to their faith when evidence is contrary to evolution.

This mindset gave us "junk" DNA, vestigial organs, incomplete research, bad logic, unethical behavior in the secular science industry, and other problems. To be blunt, slapping evolutionary terminology in something is a science stopper. Even worse, this can easily make researchers lazy and careless.

Darwinists presuppose evolution, then build from there. It contributes to scientific laziness, which has given us much bad and even harmful science.
Darwin caricature from one of the Vanity Fair publications, 1871, modified at Pixlr

Indeed, it is rare to find a science article, whether for general readers or more academic, that does not throw in praise to evolution. Most of the time those are both unnecessary and detract from an otherwise good story. Many times, Evolution has been made into a decision-making deity! Such shenanigans actually raise questions from thinking people that the authors may not want to hear.

Biblical creation science has been called a science stopper by Darwin's Flying Monkeys™, but that is a lie. Creationists know that God created everything, but they want to know the details and go further with the science than many evolutionists want to take it.

Darwinians have a ready-made excuse for lazy thinking. They can look at anything, no matter how complex and inscrutable, and say, “It evolved.” Job done. Big Science lets the laziness pass through without critique or hard questions by granting the imprimatur of peer review to any paper written in Darwinese. Then, the lazy science reporters know better than to ever question the experts. They don’t want to be canceled under the rules of Darwin Sharia, after all.

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