Fossil Excitement Level: Massive

On numerous occasions, secular scientists use words like exciting as a cover for when discoveries threaten their deeply-held beliefs. It seems that such things are uttered by cosmologists as well as paleontologists. Oops, they did it again.

Paleontologists found a fossil of a critter related to the modern aquatic animals in the phylum Cnidaria. From the report, Auroralumina attenboroughii seems to have been quickly buried by a sweeping deluge of volcanic ash caused by the Genesis Flood. This upsets their notions of when modern animals first evolved.

Cnidarians, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Secularists have a heap of trouble dealing with the Cambrian explosion in the first place. Now this thing pops up 20 million Darwin years before the Cambrian explosion, so they have to evosplain it away while calling it "exciting." Well, it's exciting for biblical creationists as well, but for very different reasons. We have evidence for recent creation and the global Flood. They have "excitement."
Now this is exciting: “Geologists have found the fossil of the earliest known animal predator. The 560-million-year-old specimen is the first of its kind, but it is related to a group of animals that includes corals, jellyfish and [sea] anemones living on the planet today.”

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