Brace Yourselves, Alien Contact is Very Soon

Make yourselves presentable, pet the neighbors and wake the cat, because the invisible imaginary friends of evolutionists are sure to make an appearance within the next few years. Our long wait is finally going to be over and it will be a big thing. Yee haw boy howdy!

How do they know? Because reasons. Why will it happen? Because evolution. Atheists presuppose materialism and evolution. Although they cannot account for the origin of life, they are certain that it happened with the help of deep time, so aliens have evolved and are very advanced in many ways.

Space aliens, the imaginary friends of secularists, are being sought. False things are presupposed by atheists when attempting to eliminate God.
Alien encounter with children, Pixabay / ImaArtist
Their presuppositions prompt assertions of a near-future alien contact, playing the odds that some of those extrasolar planets must have those advanced civilizations. Somehow, seekers have funding for another project to listen for alien communications. Because of all the hype and promises that never came true, it would be surprising if the public became excited.

Secularists think they can eliminate God the Creator if alien life is found, but seem to ignore other problems — including that even if they existed, they may not even be interested in us. Also, light and radio waves take a mighty long time to travel those distances, so any information would probably be useless. Many Christians acknowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial is theologically absurd.
In 1984 the ambitious Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was launched to intercept electromagnetic radiation from possible civilizations on other planets. But interest has since waned and funding has been a problem.

But now there’s Breakthrough Listen, a project with $100 million in funding to listen for intelligent extraterrestrial communications. This mission uses thousands of hours on telescopes in facilities throughout the world attempting to discover technosignatures (indicators of technology) and biosignatures (biological processes).

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